EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)

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EDM is the English word Electrical Discharge Machining acronym, EDM. EDM its basic working principle is the use of continuous movement of thin metal wire (referred to as electrode wire) for the electrode, the workpiece pulse spark erosion metal removal, cutting and forming.
It is mainly used for processing a variety of complex shapes and small precision workpieces, such as stamping die punch, die, punch, fixed plate, stripper, forming tools, samples, EDM metal electrodes , All kinds of micro-hole slots, narrow slits, any curve, etc., with a small allowance, high precision, short production cycle, low manufacturing costs and other prominent advantages, has been widely used in production, the current domestic and international EDM WEDM machine tools account for more than 60% of the total number of machine tools.
EDM is the use of sparks between the electrode and the workpiece when the electricity generated by the instantaneous high temperature, to remove layers of the workpiece surface material principle. EDM for high hardness conductive workpiece processing. CNC EDM machine is the best example of EDM. EDM processing characteristics

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