Electric piercing machine electronic ruler how to install?

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The grating is generally installed in the high-speed EDM hole machine table, with random bed move, the reading head fixed on the bed, as far as possible the reading head installed in the bottom of the main ruler. The choice of its installation must pay attention to high-speed EDM hole machining machine fluid splashing direction. In addition, under normal circumstances, the reading head should be installed in the relatively high-speed EDM hole machining static parts, the output wire is not easy to move fixed, while the rule should be installed on the relative movement of the machine parts.
1, EDM machine grating grating installation base surface mounted on the EDM machine bed, the optical scale can not be installed directly on the rough bed. Optical ruler and reading head are mounted on the relative movement of the two components on the machine. Use a dial indicator to check the parallelism between the mounting surface of the main scale of the machine table and the direction of the guide rail movement. Dial indicator fixed on the bed, move the table, required to achieve parallelism within 0.1mm / 1000mm. If you can not meet this requirement, you need to design and manufacture of a grating foot base. In addition, the reading head needs to be installed on the reading head base. The total error between the base of the reading head and the base of the ruler shall not be greater than ± 0.2mm. When installing, adjust the position of the reading head to achieve a parallelism of 0.1mm between the reading head and the grating ruler, and the distance between the reading head and the grating ruler is about 1 ~ 1.5mm.
2, grating ruler installation will be the main grating with M4 screws on the high-speed EDM hole processing machine table mounting surface, but do not tighten, the dial indicator fixed on the bed, move the table. Use the dial indicator to measure the parallelism between the main scale plane and the movement direction of the machine guide rail and adjust the position of the M4 screw of the main scale so that the parallelism of the main scale satisfies the 0.1mm / 1000mm or less, completely tighten the 2 screws.
3, the installation of grating reading head When installing the reading head, the first reading surface should ensure that the base to meet the installation requirements, and then install the reading head, the installation method and the main ruler similar. Finally adjust the reading head, the reading head and the main grating grating parallel to ensure that within 0.1mm, the head of the reading head and the gap control in less than 1 ~ 1.5mm.
4, the grating ruler optical scale installation is completed, can be connected to the digital form, move the workbench, observe the digital meter count is normal.
 Select a reference position on the machine to move the working point back and forth to the selected position. The meter reading should be the same (or back to zero). In addition, you can also use the dial indicator, the dial indicator and digital display at the same time transferred to zero.
5, grating installation of shrouds, shrouds of the design is in accordance with the grating cross-sectional shape of the enlarged sensor to determine the size of a certain space to stay, the shield is usually rubber seal, making it a certain degree of waterproof and oil repellent.

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