Based on the development strategic objectives and based on the human resource management concept of "people oriented", the company established a human resources development and management system composed of job evaluation system, quality capability identification system, training and development system, compensation incentive system and performance evaluation system. Create a great career ladder talent training, multi-channel career development.
First, business mission
Poly world leaders, creating an international brand
Haina Baichuan introduction of talent, build systems to train qualified personnel, people know the use of qualified personnel, people-oriented talent retention.
Second, the principle of employing enterprises
Both ability and political integrity, pioneering and innovative; make the best use, make the best use; fair competition, survival of the fittest;
The company has always insisted on the principle of employment is: "virtuous and talented and re-use, there is no moral training, there is no limit to use Germany, Germany is not without resolute use." Indeed, the use of talent, "who can , Flat let, under the mediocre. "